The Project

What is ETKaddict?

ETKaddict is a website that was created to provide players of the MMORPG ExtremeTK with a more advanced ranking system and player power list than the original game's website provided. Earning experience and increasing one's statistics is one of the main driving forces behind the game, and the existing website left a massive void to be filled in terms of a website that served the playerbase's wants and needs. We designed and create da new website where users can go to compare their character's stats, ratios, and other and more.

What is ETK aka ExtremeTK?

One of the earliest MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) ever made was a 2D game titled Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds. The original game is long past it's glory days, yet there was a large part of the population who wished to recreate the gaming experience they grew up with. In response, a few people got together to find a solution. That solution was the creation of a now thriving private server called ExtremeTK: The Realm of Chaos.