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The following essay focuses on Human and User Centered Design, Cognetics, Unification, as well as Navigation, and Humane Interfaces. This essay was part of my Human Computer Interaction and UX Design courses, which was my main focus while getting my Masters in Information Systems and Information Technology. It is 28 pages long and packed with useful information pertaining to Human Computer Interaction and UI/UX design.

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Table of Contents


Humane Centered and User Centered Design

  • The Humane-Interface
  • The User
  • User-Centered Design
  • Advantages of User-Centered Design
  • Domain Experts Aren't Enough
  • Keep the Simple, Simple
  • Interface Design and the Design Cycle
  • Interface Design from the Start
  • Benefits of Proper Interface Design
  • Cultural Challenges in Interface Design
  • Locus of Attention
  • Cognetics and the Locus of Attention


  • Cognitive Conscious and Unconscious
  • Cognitive Unconscious
  • Cognitive Conscious
  • Culture's Effect on the Locus of Attention


  • Avoiding Confusion Amongst Similar Applications
  • Commands and Problems in Applications
  • Abolishing Applications

Navigation and Humane Interfaces

  • On “Intuitive and Natural” Interfaces
  • Principles and Humane Interface Design
  • Icons in the Early Days
  • Problems with Icons
  • Techniques and Help Facilities in Humane Interfaces